Juli joins clg red

The 20-year-old arrives as a replacement for Benita “⁠bENITA⁠” Novshadian, who stepped down from the roster in May to focus on VALORANT.

CLG Red briefly enlisted the services of Chris “⁠riku⁠” Piasecki as a stand-in while they were in search of bENITA’s replacement in May, opting to add Juliana “⁠Juli⁠” Tosic on a trial basis in early June. With her help, the team made up for a turbulent start to the season, managing to retain their spot in ESEA Advanced for Season 35 with a 7-9 record.

“I’m really excited for the future,” Juli said when contacted by HLTV.org. “Playing with the girls has been an amazing experience. I’m really thankful for the people that have supported me to get to this point, and I’m grateful for the opportunity from CLG.”

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